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Hey People of the internet!

“Ay, is that some homemade hooch? Damn, now that’s some good shit! Thanks brotha!” a homeless man says while a gallon carboy fills his flask.
Long before we were giving some experimental batches to random people to taste, we were just like you – not knowing what the hell fermenting or mead was. So before we get into the dirty details (we’ve had a lot of messes to clean up), how about a first date?

We are Ryan & Ainhi, and we sometimes morph into “Ronnie” after a few glasses of mead. We’re a scooter gang couple from Philly with a passion for adventure and tastes, but plagued with bad luck. After some trips, a few cooking misshapes and laughs, we decided to add a hobby into the mix. As the saying goes, “couples that ____ together, stay together”, well… it’s true… but it’s also cheaper than a therapist (or so we thought).

In our quest to keep it fresh, we dusted off the cobwebs on our never-used brewing kit, ordered some honey and took the plunge. We started our first batch on Aug. 8, 2016, “A day that will live in infamy”. Which month’s later turned into a very fine, bone dry, gallon of gasoline with a touch of rubbing alcohol. To the disgust of friends at a failed tasting party and loss of confidence, we decided to prove the naysayers wrong but to forever remember the faces of that first tasting. 

After a healthy dose of reality, nights of research, hours of podcasts, and crawling through multiple online mead forms, we finally refined our process. A month and some dozen of empty Carlo Rossi bottles later, we decided to go all-in. As the numbers of batches increased, so did the quality! We’ve constantly tried to experiment and improve our techniques while sharing with friends, family and even a rando-folks in Philly (true story!).

We have made mistakes, accidents, and some great batches all the while trying to become the most punny mead account on instagram.  So what do you say, let’s ride this punny mead journey together, shall we?


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